Tijs Klaassen Quintet

Photo by: Charlotte Mendez Correa

2nd record ‘Nostalgia’ out now on Zennez Records
‘Klaassen shows a knowledge of the jazz tradition in the compositions on Nostalgia, but uses it within in idiom that’s far wider than that’ – Herman Te Loo, Jazzflits May 2022

‘An idiosyncratic album in which the listener is constantly captivated’ – Emil Roes, Jazzism June 2022

Artwork By Laura Veloso & Me
VV40 – Live at Bimhuis

Debut album ‘Clavius’ Released in December 2019
Record available to order online

Artwork By Floor Rehbach

Never are they afraid of free improv while calm soothing passages are integrated naturally in the overall sound. The two horn players are, unlike most jazz quintets, not the main focus of the band. All of the five members achieve complete equality.’ – Rinus van der Heijden, Jazznu

Bassist Tijs Klaassen graduated with full honours in 2018 after having studied at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and the Boyer College of Music in Philadelphia. Since then he has been touring and recording with renounced jazz musicians from the Netherlands such as Ben van Gelder, Theo Loevendie, Yuri Honing, Peter Beets, Mete Erker, and Jasper Blom.

The horns create gorgeous textures, the bass levitates, piano harmony transcends into synthesizer sounds and strong rhythms change into polyrhythmic percussion’ – Emil Roes, Jazzism

Tijs’ own band embodies his personal view on bringing the sound of the classic jazz quintet to the modern age. A vision that creates full artistic freedom for every musician within a carefully constructed musical framework. Compositionally the band is very inspired by the sounds and techniques of classical composers such as Messiaen, Theo Loevendie, Ravel and Alban Berg. Trough it’s use of arco bass melodies, woodwind instruments and synthesizers, the band achieves a very unique sound in it’s arrangements. Each band member is contributing to a very personal ensemble sound. All of them are among the most praised young Dutch and Belgian jazz musicians and composers of their generation.

‘Introvertive sensitive compositions that include impressive bursts of energy, played loosely and freely within the strong containments of the arrangement’ – Tom Beetz, Jazzflits

The band won the Keep An Eye The Records Award in 2018 which enabled them to record and release their debut album ‘Clavius’. This critically acclaimed record was released in 2019 at the Bimhuis and received great reviews. Recently the band won the Sena Performance award at the Dutch Jazz Competition 2020 (delayed to 2021 because of Covid). Their second record ‘Nostalgia’ was released in May 2022 on Zennez records.

Line up:
Mo van der Does: alto saxophone and clarinet
Matthias Van den Brande: tenor saxophone and flute
Floris Kappeyne: piano and synth
Wouter Kühne: drums
Tijs Klaassen: double bass and compositions

Photo by: Charlotte Mendez Correa


Jazzflits (Nostalgia 2022)

Jazzism (Nostalgia 2022)

Jazznu (Clavius 2020)

Jazzism (Clavius 2021)

Draai om je oren (Clavius 2020)

Jazzflits (Live 2019)

Artishock (Live 2022)

Jazznu (Live 2022)

Tour dates:


MAY 8: Bimhuis Café, Amsterdam
MAY 11: De Regentenkamer, Den Haag
MAY 13: Noorderlicht, Amsterdam
MAY 15: Blue Note, Amsterdam (Final Exam)
DEC 1: Bimhuis (Keep an eye The Records 2018), Amsterdam


APR 16: Bimhuis Café – Amsterdam
APR 23: Uffie’s – Zutphen
APR 28: De Pletterij – Haarlem
APR 29 – MAY 2: Fattoria Musica (Album Recording ‘Clavius‘) – Osnabrück
JUN 7: Blue Note (Red Light Jazz Festival) – Amsterdam
AUG 15: De Pletterij (Haarlem Jazz & More), Haarlem
SEP 21: Theaters Tilburg (Make It Jazz festival) – Tilburg
DEC 7: Bimhuis (Album Release ‘Clavius’) – Amsterdam


JAN 7: Café September – Den Haag
JAN 9: Splendor – Amsterdam
JAN 27: Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Master Accreditatie) – Amsterdam
MAR 3: Theater het Hof – Arnhem
APR 8: Podium Jin – Nijmegen — CANCELLED
MAY 28: Het Koorenhuis – Den Haag — CANCELLED
OCT 22: Podium Jin – Nijmegen
DEC 30: Bethlehemkerk Studio 150 (Livestream) – Amsterdam


FEB 23: Uffie’s – Zutphen — CANCELLED
JUN 13: Het Bimhuis (Dutch Jazz Competition), Amsterdam
AUG 7: Atelier de Kromme Mijdrecht
AUG 16: De Jeruzalemkerk (Grachtenfestival), Amsterdam
AUG 24: Comedy Café, Amsterdam — CANCELLED
AUG 27: Het Rosa Spier Huis, Laren
AUG 28: Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam
AUG 30: Binnenplaats Sint Annenstraat, Amsterdam
SEP 4/5: Fattoria Musica (Album Recording ‘Nostalgia’), Osnabrück
SEP 18: Theater Orpheus (Jazzfestival Generations), Apeldoorn
OCT 22: De Observant, Amersfoort


JAN 30: Tivoli Vredenburg (Video recording), Utrecht
APR 1: De Tor, Enschede
APR 8: Studio Loos, Den Haag Tickets
APR 24: Uffie’s, Zutphen Info
APR 29: Co Live! (Radio) CVA Blue Note, Amsterdam
MAY 5: Bimhuis (Album Release ‘Nostalgia’), Amsterdam Tickets
AUG 5: Amersfoort Jazz festival Info
OCT 15: Artishock, Soest Tickets
OCT 17: De Roode Bioscoop (Amarte Studio Concerts), Amsterdam Tickets
NOV 13: Mahogany Hall, Edam Tickets
DEC 8: Tivoli Vredenburg (Dutch Jazz Competition 2022 Semi Final), Utrecht Tickets
DEC 17: Bimhuis (Dutch Jazz Competition 2022 Final), Amsterdam Tickets
DEC 20: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht Tickets


APR 10: De Muze, Antwerpen
APR 11: Hot Club de Gand, Gent Info
APR 12: De Observant, Amersfoort Info
APR 20/21: Studio 150 (Album Recording), Amsterdam
JUN 4: Jazz Inverdan, Zaandam Info


MAY 4: De Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch Info
MAY 11: Muziekgebouw Eindhoven (Blue Note Club Sessions), Eindhoven Info